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Trailer: Eternals

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The Avengers have always protected our planet from any threats, we didn't suspect that on our planet Earth for seven thousand years there has been an immortal race of superhuman — Eternals. Five million years ago, Celestials discovered our planet and created life, so the long-lived Eternals and genetically unstable Deviants appeared. Between two races, from the very beginning there has been a merciless and bloody war, Eternals try to improve their technologies, because losses in battle are unacceptable.

A thousand years ago, God of Asgard Thor met with Eternals, but this memory was erased, because Celestials had to visit our planet again to help Eternals to fight Deviants. Eternals — immortal, they live thousands of years on our planet, don't get tired of physical exertion and are immune to any disease, but even Eternals have their weak points...

Eternals — this is a new series of films from Marvel Comics, we can see the emergence of new heroes, as well as actors. This is a new franchise that'll win the hearts of many fans of Marvel Comics...