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Watch Online The Equalizer 2 (2018) Full Movie

The Equalizer 2 (2018)

Retired CIA Black Ops operative Robert McCall is tired of his work and is now on a well-deserved vacation. He constantly had to carry out the most dangerous and secret orders of the government, he had no equal in this matter, and now he works as an ordinary seller in his shop and is really glad of his quiet life. But when criminals kill his friend Susan Plummer, which was close to McCall, he becomes a real madman and opens the hunt for criminals. By any means, he'll administer justice in the criminal world, and there is still no man who could resist Robert McCall...

Watch Online Unsane (2018) Full Movie

Unsane (2018)

Psychological thriller tells about the difficult life of a young girl, she was persecuted by a guy who cannot leave her life for a single day. He is everywhere, she sees him in public transport, in a crowd of passers-by, at work, and even changing her phone number several times, she continues to receive SMS messages from a stranger. To get rid of the obsessive boyfriend, Sawyer changes the city of residence and work, after a while her life is getting better ... but in the crowd of people she again sees him — an unfamiliar guy who was everywhere in her life in the previous city. Is this guy real or is it a game of her imagination? To solve the problem, Sawyer goes to a session with a psychotherapist who considers her insane, she needs professional help. Sawyer is prescribed treatment and sent to the ward. Maybe here she'll not meet a stranger? But, as it turned out, he works as a corpsman in this hospital. The girl finally loses touch with reality, because now she considers the stranger her fiction...

Watch Online Mandy (2018) Full Movie

Mandy (2018)

Red Miller decided to leave the outskirts of the city and went to live in the countryside near the Shadow Mountains. A calm and quiet life, beautiful nature and fresh air bring him great pleasure. It's necessary to survive in such conditions thanks to enormous physical work, but next to his beloved Mandy he is ready to survive absolutely everything. Once, the calm life of Red and Mandy is disturbed by the appearance of a group that is fond of studying supernatural beings, together with local bikers, they stopped not far from Red's house to conduct their rituals. The cult leader notices Mandy and gives the order to abduct the girl, he wants to pump her with drugs, and then make a bloody sacrifice. They realize their plan and don't suspect with what aggression and fury Red will avenge the offenders of his beloved...

Watch Online Marriage Story (2019) Full Movie

Marriage Story (2019)

A director named Charlie has been married to Nicole, a famous theater and film actress, for more than ten years. They couldn't give due attention to their son, because each of the parents was engaged in his career, and separation several months long was a common occurrence in their family. Very soon, the couple begins to realize that this cannot go on, and they want to terminate their marriage. The process of divorce negatively affects the psychological health of their son, as well as surrounding loved ones. After the divorce, the son remains with his mother, who is trying to earn a living, her emotional state worsens every day, she can scream at others, cry, only a professional psychologist can help in this problem situation...