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Watch Online Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Full Movie

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Movie plot takes place three years later, many dinosaurs managed to survive after the closing of the Jurassic World theme park. During an unforeseen catastrophe, hundreds of people died, dinosaurs managed to find real freedom, now they have at their disposal a whole island. But soon they'll again be in danger of extinction, there is a suspicion that a volcano may wake up on Isla Nublar, then it will destroy absolutely all the flora and fauna. The park government is trying to do anything to evacuate the prehistoric animals; they invite Owen and Claire to develop an evacuation plan. Owen is interested in saving animals, the main thing is to save his pet — the dinosaur Blue, a lead raptor, who became a real friend for his trainer. It soon turns out that not everyone wants dinosaurs to continue to exist on our planet; many believe that the death of all mankind may come from their salvation. Owen and Claire shouldn't only develop a plan to save the dinosaurs, but also try to convince the head of the Jurassic World theme park that prehistoric creatures can live with people on the same planet...

Watch Online The Croods 2 (2020) Full Movie

The Croods 2 (2020)

2nd part of the cartoon continues to tell us about the incredible adventures of the prehistoric Croods family. Many years ago, people didn't like to travel; they lived in caves and didn't go far from their home. The Croods family hunted, gathers food and enjoyed every day spent, but elements of nature destroyed their cave, they were forced to go on an incredible journey to find a new home and get to know the fascinating world. 2nd part of the cartoon shows us the confrontation of two families. The Bettermans family claims that they have always lived much better than the Croods family, the head of the family Grug challenges his rivals and proves the exact opposite. First part of the cartoon was liked by most viewers, regardless of age. For crazy adventures in a fantasy world and dangerous situations in which the main characters fell, the audience watched with pleasure. We remind you that all cartoon lovers can watch the second part of the animated film 'The Croods 2’ online on our website for free!..

Watch Online Eternals (2020) Full Movie

Eternals (2020)

The Avengers have always protected our planet from any threats, we didn't suspect that on our planet Earth for seven thousand years there has been an immortal race of superhuman — Eternals. Five million years ago, Celestials discovered our planet and created life, so the long-lived Eternals and genetically unstable Deviants appeared. Between two races, from the very beginning there has been a merciless and bloody war, Eternals try to improve their technologies, because losses in battle are unacceptable. A thousand years ago, God of Asgard Thor met with Eternals, but this memory was erased, because Celestials had to visit our planet again to help Eternals to fight Deviants. Eternals — immortal, they live thousands of years on our planet, don't get tired of physical exertion and are immune to any disease, but even Eternals have their weak points... Eternals — this is a new series of films from Marvel Comics, we can see the emergence of new heroes, as well as actors. This is a new franchise that'll win the hearts of many fans of Marvel Comics...

Watch Online Noelle (2019) Full Movie

Noelle (2019)

Soon the most magical holiday will come — Christmas. Children begin to write letters to a magical character named Santa Claus, who will be able to make all kids' dreams come true. But this year, Santa disappeared without a trace. Noelle Kringle and her brother Nick Kringle (Santa Claus kids) watched his father’s work all his life, they understood how much joy he brought to people every year, how many gifts the kids received, he created a real magical mood. What will Christmas be like without Santa? Noelle goes on a long journey in search of her father; ahead of her awaits many trials and funny situations...