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Watch Online Crawl (2019) Full Movie

Crawl (2019)

Massive natural disasters and catastrophes are not uncommon in our time, the horror film shows a plot that tells about the bad weather that overtook Florida. The fifth category hurricane is able to completely destroy the city, and the government decides to put in place an evacuation plan. They need to operate immediately! Absolutely all residents of the city must leave it in order to stay alive. Young girl Haley tries to find her father to leave the city together and discovers him unconscious in the basement of the house. Left in the house, they'll face the force of nature, but this is not the only danger that lies in wait for the main characters. Together with a huge amount of water, five-meter alligators appeared in the city, now their victims are surviving people. Can a fragile girl with her father resist the elements and one of the most dangerous predators on the planet?..

Watch Online Skyscraper (2018) Full Movie

Skyscraper (2018)

Every year we can see ever-higher skyscrapers, architects and engineers from around the world are constantly fighting for the right to be the first. One of the greatest skyscrapers is located in America, tens of thousands of people work and live here, and absolutely everyone is confident in their own safety. New technological developments ensure the safety of the skyscraper from any emergency, but very soon there will be a large-scale tragedy that no one knows about... Terrorists captured a skyscraper and only Will Sawyer, a former federal agent and security expert can neutralize them. To save the vertical city from destruction and save the life of his family, he begins to act. Every second can be the last, so he makes the most cardinal decisions and goes to the center of a flaming skyscraper...

Watch Online Set It Up (2018) Full Movie

Set It Up (2018)

The comedy film tells about the difficult fate of two assistant bosses who have achieved incredible success in life. They behave aggressively and sometimes require their employees to work with an efficiency of 200%. One of the strict bosses — Rick, thanks to his perseverance and tough character, he managed to achieve incredible financial success, but precisely because of his character, he still doesn't have a family. Rick can be helped by his assistant, who secretly deals with the personal life of his boss...

Watch Online Aquaman (2018) Full Movie

Aquaman (2018)

Among the expanses of the seas and oceans, a man lives by the name of Arthur Curry, half human half from Atlantis, from childhood he felt in himself a powerful force with which he can control the water world. It took him a long time to learn to control his abilities and now the fate of mankind depends on him. His half-brother decided to start a war between the water world and the land, only Aquaman is able to withstand a powerful enemy. In order to save his home, loved ones and to prevent the true fury of the seven seas, he must fight with his brother and prove to everyone that he is worthy of the throne...