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Watch Online Dolemite Is My Name (2019) Full Movie

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Rudy Ray Moore always wanted to become famous; he tried a variety of options: to be a singer, musician and even a dancer, but fame didn't come to him. But he cannot give up just like that. Rudy Ray Moore will do everything possible to become famous throughout the world, even if every day somebody will close the door to the world of glory, he will knock on another. After a while, he creates a character and takes the name Dolemite, from that moment everything starts in a circle: he writes music that cannot be sold, in nightclubs everyone thinks that he is not a dancer but a pimp, and another million other failures. But he chose his own path to fame through the world of cinema and proved to everyone that dreams come true...

Watch Online The Grudge (2020) Full Movie

The Grudge (2020)

Horror movie tells the story of an unusual house in which terrible and mysterious murders took place. For unknown reasons, a young woman kills her family in the house. The detective is trying to understand the motive of the young woman and soon realizes that the matter is in the house itself, in which the vengeful ghost lives. All the inhabitants of this house were cursed; they killed their relatives without realizing it. Soon, even the neighbors decide to leave the demonic place where terrible murders are committed, because no one knows how far the vengeful ghost can go. 'The Grudge' is a remake of the 2004 film, the premiere of the movie is planned on January 2, 2020 in the United States...

Watch Online Night School (2018) Full Movie

Night School (2018)

The plot of the comedy film tells about a group of people who, due to various life circumstances, couldn't get a certificate of education. Until this time, each of them went about his own business: someone worked, others traveled, there are those who just sat at home and now realized that he needed to go back to school. All of them again must return to the desk and take a course of preparation for passing the final exam. It would be strange if adults went to classes with other students of the school, so there is a night school for such cases. A group of schoolchildren, who are over thirty, will have to forget about all the problems and take their studies seriously, but the main thing to remember is that after night school, they'll return to their adult life again...

Watch Online Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Full Movie

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Many viewers and fans of Marvel comics have already managed to fall in love with a superhero named Spider-Man, under the mask of whom a cheerful teenager named Peter Parker is hiding. He is no different from his friends: he goes to school, secretly in love with a girl and sometimes attacked by hooligans. He lives with his aunt, who didn't even suspect that her nephew is a real superhero, which all TV channels talk about, write newspapers, and the locals always admired his courage. Peter Parker couldn't imagine that his quiet teenage life could turn into a life that would be full of dangers, adventures, battles with villains and crime, but after he was bitten by a spider and Peter began to have incredible ability, he decided to use his powers in good of people. Spider-Man was familiar with other superheroes who fight on the good side, one of them being Iron Man. He is sure that Spider-Man can become part of The Avengers, but the young age of the guy and the frivolity push Tony Stark away from this thought. Spider-Man meets face-to-face with his new adversary, whom many knows as Vulture. This is the new goal of Spider-Man, because if he can fight with the Vulture and defeat him, he'll be able to become part of The Avengers team and a real superhero who is at any moment ready to fight villains all over the world...