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Watch Online Halloween Kills (2020) Full Movie

Halloween Kills (2020)

Bloody killer named Michael Myers goes hunting again. There will be dozens of new victims on his way, but only Laurie Strode will be able to confront the killer and disrupt his cruel plans. Premiere of the horror movie 'Halloween Kills' is scheduled for October 16, 2020, then this time we'll find out a more detailed plot of the film and share it with you. The first part of the remake was popular among fans of the Halloween series, from the second part of the fans expect no less interesting plot and the appearance of new characters in it...

Watch Online A Simple Favor (2018) Full Movie

A Simple Favor (2018)

Young woman named Stephanie cannot live a minute without her phone, she loves filming her life, and she has several thousand fans who like to watch the woman’s life on the Internet. One day Stephanie's friend ask her for a simple favor. Despite her busyness and raising a child, Stephanie couldn't refuse her friend, who after a while disappears without a trace. Stephanie and Sean (Emily's husband) are trying to find her, but are faced with dark secrets and incredible discoveries that are associated with the mysterious disappearance...

Watch Online Mamma Mia 2! Here We Go Again (2018) Full Movie

Mamma Mia 2! Here We Go Again (2018)

Donna's life was filled with bright, unforgettable days, but most often she recalls her romantic relationships. The heroine of the musical loved and was loved, but now her daughter Sophie for many years trying to find her real father. Remembering her life, Donna once again experiences those incredible emotions that she received not only from relationships, but also from a vibrant life. She meets with three different men and tries to understand: with whom she would like to live her life. But making a choice is not so simple; all men are ready to do anything to become the only man in Donna’s life who needs to make a really difficult choice. While the main character of the film remembered her life, her daughter Sophie became pregnant. The girl understands that now she'll have to be in the role of her mother...

Watch Online Doctor Sleep (2019) Full Movie

Doctor Sleep (2019)

Every night, Dan Torrence wakes up from one nightmare; he still remembers that creepy night at Overlook Hotel. Before his eyes, his father was killed; this is a real tragedy for a child whose psyche cannot be restored for several decades. Now Dan Torrence lives in a suburb of New York, he has a job and a good house, but his calm life changes when he meets a little girl named Abra Stone, she has mystical abilities and needs to help her. The girl is being hunted; Dan Torrence must protect her from a cult known as The True Knot...