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Watch Online Late Night (2019) Full Movie

Late Night (2019)

Late-night talk-show with the host Katherine Newbury enjoyed great success and popularity among the audience, but boss decide to make personnel changes. In order for the show to begin to attract a new audience and regain its former glory, Katherine Newbury asks his team to understand: what needs to be changed so that boss wants to continue the project? Young and daring screenwriter Molly Patel is trying hard to help Katherine and bring the TV star back to the top of her fame...

Watch Online Shazam! (2019) Full Movie

Shazam! (2019)

A fourteen-year-old boy named Billy Batson lives in different families from a young age, several times a year he changes his adoptive parents. As a kid, he lost his mother, but didn't stop her search not for a minute. But one day, the boy’s life changed, he mysteriously found himself in a cave where there was only one old man, he is sure that Billy Batson is worthy to become his successor, student and magician, able to protect our planet from enemies. Now, in order to gain new abilities, it is enough for him to say one word — SHAZAM, and in a matter of seconds, the boy turns into an adult superhero. What abilities does Shazam have? This is still unknown, because many experiments are needed to understand: can he fly, does he have superhuman strength, or maybe he can shoot lightning from his hands? Many questions and no answers. The new superhero behaves like a teenager, but there is not enough time left, he needs to learn about all the superpowers until he met Dr. Sivana who wants to get the power of SHAZAM...

Watch Online Marriage Story (2019) Full Movie

Marriage Story (2019)

A director named Charlie has been married to Nicole, a famous theater and film actress, for more than ten years. They couldn't give due attention to their son, because each of the parents was engaged in his career, and separation several months long was a common occurrence in their family. Very soon, the couple begins to realize that this cannot go on, and they want to terminate their marriage. The process of divorce negatively affects the psychological health of their son, as well as surrounding loved ones. After the divorce, the son remains with his mother, who is trying to earn a living, her emotional state worsens every day, she can scream at others, cry, only a professional psychologist can help in this problem situation...

Watch Online The Lodge (2020) Full Movie

The Lodge (2020)

Dramatic thriller tells the story of a young girl Grace, she met a man whom she had been waiting for her whole life — a young guy Richard. He is ready for another relationship, resigned to the loss of his wife, who committed suicide after their divorce. Now Grace should become a good wife and stepmother for two children, Mia and Aidan, who still remember their mother. The family has a misunderstanding between Grace and the children, so Richard decides to send them to the village so that they can establish their relationship. But the children believe that they are in danger, because Grace is the daughter of the founder of the sect, whose members committed mass suicide not so long ago, so they think that Grace is a real psychopath, like her father...