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Watch Online Abominable (2019) Full Movie

Abominable (2019)

Little girl Yi spent a lot of free time on the roof of her house alone to admire the night sky every night, but once she met a real monster — it was Yeti. Later they became best friends. As it turned out, Yeti felt lonely and too curious, so he decided to go on a trip to see the whole world. The giant’s trail was noticed by people, who opened a real hunt for him, but even here in Shanghai he managed to leave his tracks and now scientists are interested to catch Yeti and conduct many experiments on an unknown creature for science. Yi wants to help her friend Everest find his way home, together with her friends they go far to the mountains. Along the way, they have to deceive a whole detachment of scientists, a group of people who prey on a cute creature, overcome many obstacles and find a way out of the most difficult situations. It will be a real and fascinating journey!..

Watch Online Halloween Kills (2020) Full Movie

Halloween Kills (2020)

Bloody killer named Michael Myers goes hunting again. There will be dozens of new victims on his way, but only Laurie Strode will be able to confront the killer and disrupt his cruel plans. Premiere of the horror movie 'Halloween Kills' is scheduled for October 16, 2020, then this time we'll find out a more detailed plot of the film and share it with you. The first part of the remake was popular among fans of the Halloween series, from the second part of the fans expect no less interesting plot and the appearance of new characters in it...

Watch Online Thor 4: Love and Thunder (2021) Full Movie

Thor 4: Love and Thunder (2021)

4th and final part of the tetralogy about the legendary God of Thunder — Thor. The film takes place after the events shown in the film “Avengers: Endgame”. The plot of the movie is unknown, but soon new information about this film will be available on our website. Stay tuned for updates!..

Watch Online Bird Box (2018) Full Movie

Bird Box (2018)

Abnormal phenomena are happening all over the world, people for unknown reasons have become too aggressive, and they kill absolutely everyone in their path. A single mother tries to save her children, find refuge and survivors. To remain in an adequate state, to control her emotions and prevent the manifestation of aggression, she is forced to cover her eyes and follow her goal for the sake of salvation...