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Watch Online How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (2019) Full Movie

How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (2019)

For many years, the Vikings and dragons fought a continuous war, but soon they managed to establish friendly relations, and from that moment on the planet came true harmony. Hiccup met Night Fury and gave it the name Toothless; together they fell into many of the most dangerous situations, fought with bandits and traveled around the world. Hiccup was able to find out the answer to the most important question: how to train his dragon and become one with it? Soon they'll find out that there is another hidden world — Dragon Utopia, where Hiccup and Toothless met with Light Fury. Another and magical world is the place where dragons are born, and so far the Vikings have never encountered such a huge variety of dragons. The danger for the Vikings and dragons appeared quite unexpectedly, the dragon hunter decided to destroy absolutely all Furies. Hiccup must protect his friend Night Fury, who is ready to do everything to save the life of his new love Light Fury. From this moment, new and dangerous adventures of our main characters begin...

Watch Online Halloween Kills (2020) Full Movie

Halloween Kills (2020)

Bloody killer named Michael Myers goes hunting again. There will be dozens of new victims on his way, but only Laurie Strode will be able to confront the killer and disrupt his cruel plans. Premiere of the horror movie 'Halloween Kills' is scheduled for October 16, 2020, then this time we'll find out a more detailed plot of the film and share it with you. The first part of the remake was popular among fans of the Halloween series, from the second part of the fans expect no less interesting plot and the appearance of new characters in it...

Watch Online Marriage Story (2019) Full Movie

Marriage Story (2019)

A director named Charlie has been married to Nicole, a famous theater and film actress, for more than ten years. They couldn't give due attention to their son, because each of the parents was engaged in his career, and separation several months long was a common occurrence in their family. Very soon, the couple begins to realize that this cannot go on, and they want to terminate their marriage. The process of divorce negatively affects the psychological health of their son, as well as surrounding loved ones. After the divorce, the son remains with his mother, who is trying to earn a living, her emotional state worsens every day, she can scream at others, cry, only a professional psychologist can help in this problem situation...

Watch Online Honey Boy (2019) Full Movie

Honey Boy (2019)

This dramatic film tells the story of a young, successful actor Otis. Having got into a terrible car accident, he gets to the hospital, he has to undergo a rehabilitation course, but his main problem is alcohol, which literally ruined his whole life. The therapist tries to help his patient and asks him to write down on the sheet of paper the most vivid and unforgettable moments in life. Otis understands that almost all memories contain his father, who tormented the honey boy physically and mentally for many years. This is a story from the life of a well-known actor named Shia LaBeouf, who is the screenwriter of the film and played one of the main roles (his own father). This is the real story of a boy who was trying to establish relationships with his father and cope with his mental state...