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Watch Online Fantasy Island (2020) Full Movie

Fantasy Island (2020)

Horror film tells the story of rich people who decided to fulfill their wildest fantasies. Mysterious Mr. Roarke offers rich people to go to a remote tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Fantasy Island was not the most welcoming place on the planet. Now its inhabitants have to solve the mystery of the sinister island in order to save their lives and get out alive...

Watch Online Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018) Full Movie

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

Humanity has fought with the huge creatures we called Kaiju. Monsters have damaged our planet, but thanks to the brave warriors and ingenious scientists who developed weapons against Kaiju, we were able to win. After several years, humanity is trying to establish life on the planet, but people are divided into two groups, some believe that there will be no attacks from alien creatures, while others are confident that they need to prepare for another war. Pilots don't stop training, every day they only improve their skills and, together with the developers, create the most ideal weapon that will help them in the upcoming battle against alien monsters. When the life of the inhabitants of the planet becomes calm, suddenly, another gap occurs between the two dimensions, from which new Kaiju are sent to attack. We must defend our planet again...

Watch Online Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Full Movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

We all know a young guy named Peter Parker, but many know him as Spider-Man. Every day he saves the city, releases comics, ice cream and even cereals for children, then saves the city again and again, and so every day. But there is another superhero named Miles Morales, who is known as ... Spider-Man. Why two different Spider-Man? There may even be 3 superheroes, 4, 5, 6 or 7. They all live in different universes, and each is responsible for the safety of his city in his universe. But what will happen if they all end up in the same city at the same time? Probably, the security of the city will be 100% and no villain will want to commit a crime. A new, powerful enemy has prepared a new test for Spider-Man, he wants to capture the whole city with the help of a collider and in order to save not only the lives of people, but the city itself, several Spider-Man must join their forces to engage in a battle with the strongest enemy...

Watch Online Frozen 2 (2019) Full Movie

Frozen 2 (2019)

New adventures of our beloved heroes await the audience in the stunning cartoon 'Frozen 2'. This time the team: Anna, Elsa, Christoph, together with his deer named Sven, as well as the most cheerful snowman Olaf, go to the cold lands — to the North, where they will face a new danger and many trials. They have to find out a legend that will help to give answers to all questions about their country. Cartoon 'Frozen' is the highest grossing animated film in the history of cinema. A stunning plot and an interesting story will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. The second part of the cartoon promises to be no less interesting: meeting with new characters, adventure and danger — all this in the new cartoon 'Frozen 2', which anyone can watch online on our website in HD quality...